lisp Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

lisp Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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About Bruce Whealton

Bruce Whealton was born in 1966 in Southington, CT. Southington is a rather "rural" in parts, specifically the parts of the town where Bruce lived. Even other persons in the same town said he "lived in the woods." That is to say that the neighborhood where Bruce lived had woods, hills, a small mountain (Ragged Mountain) on 3 sides of it, and the forth side of the neighborhood was bordered by an Apple Orchard. One could see most of the town from the top of Ragged Mountain, as well as surrounding towns. The nearest store was definitely not in walking distance. Even the high school or junior high school, which were both closer to home than any stores, was still quite a distance away. Bruce does remember walking home from the Junior High School (DePaolo Junior High School ) and the High School (Southington High School), although, he cannot remember why he would have done that as it would have taken at least an hour to walk that distance, if not more. After high school, Bruce attended the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia, Tech), in Atlanta, GA. One might think that living in a town in CT would have exposed Bruce to the big city of New York, which isn't that far away, as CT is a small state and it is bordered by the state of NY. However, Bruce did not have much exposure to NY. He left CT at 18 to start at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, which was quite a culture shock, going from a rural type of environment to being at Georgia Tech which is practically located in downtown Atlanta. While attending Georgia Institute of Technology, he worked as a co-op student at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in Massachusetts. That means that starting with his second year, he would alternate, one quarter going to school and one quarter going to DEC, many miles away. He worked with a team that was developing an Expert System, which utilized programming languages and paradigms of Artificial Intelligence. In 1989, Bruce Whealton received his BSEE Degree (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering) with a specialization in Computer Engineering. His first employment was more in the area of Software Engineering than Computer Engineering but that's just being technical. That first job was at the National Science Foundation at Fort Gordon, in Augusta, GA. The job involved maintaining and programming a network of desktop computers that all communicated with and shared data with a larger VAX mini-computer. Bruce Whealton has been working on the web and the Internet for about 20 years. The first half of that time, it was just a hobby as he had other full-time employment. For the past 10 years or so, Bruce Whealton has worked as a Web Designer/Developer and Software Engineer... always eager to learn and expand his skills and expertise, keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies, as well as expanding his skills in various programming languages and other Software Engineering skill areas.
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